Media and Communication Training for Kosovo Police

17 December 2015

On Wednesday, December 16, EULEX’s Press and Public Information Office (PPIO)...

Workshop on Investigations Techniques and Legal Issues

15 December 2015

EULEX’s Anti-Corruption Team organized one-day specialized workshop on investigations techniques...

HR Federica Mogherini on Human Rights Day

10 December 2015

This year, Human Rights Day launches a one-year celebration by the United Nations of the 50th anniversary...

EULEX supports Kosovo Anti-Corruption Agency

09 December 2015

Today, on the occasion of the International Anti-Corruption Day, the EULEX Head of Mission Gabriele Meucci met with the Head of the Kosovo Anti-Corruption Agency, Mr. Hasan Preteni.

EULEX Enhancing Kosovo Police Cooperation in Combating Illegal Logging

04 December 2015

As part of its mandate to Monitor, Mentor and Advise, EULEX is supporting Kosovo Police (KP) in conducting operations to disrupt illegal logging throughout Kosovo.


EULEX participates in 16 Days of Activism against Gender Based Violence

25 November 2015

The International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women on November 25th begins a global 16-day campaign that aims to bring together societies in fighting gender based violence.

EULEX participates in 16 Days of Activism against Gender Based Violence.

25 November 2015

The International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women on November 25th begins a global 16-day campaign that aims to bring together societies in fighting gender based violence.

New officers to join Kosovo Correctional Services

13 November 2015

On 13 November, EULEX attended the graduation ceremony of 25 new officers of the Kosovo Correctional Service (KCS) at the Kosovo Academy for Public Safety (KAPS) in Vushtrii/Vučitrn.

Kosovo Police Embracing Intelligence Led Policing

12 November 2015

EULEX is supporting Kosovo Police (KP) in including Intelligence Led Policing (ILP) to its repertoire of policing methods.

Police and Prosecutor Responses to Domestic Violence in Kosovo

03 November 2015

EULEX Strengthening Division in collaboration with the Mission’s Gender Advisors and with full cooperation of all Kosovo institutions is proud to share with you the report “Police and Prosecutor Responses to Domestic Violence in Kosovo.”


EULEX Head of Mission visits the Constitutional Court

30 October 2015

On 28 October 2015 EULEX Head of Mission Gabriele Meucci visited the Constitutional Court and met with its President, Mrs Arta Rama-Hajrizi.

OSCE Representatives visit EULEX

23 October 2015

On 22 October, the Head and Deputy Head of Mission had the pleasure of welcoming the incoming OSCE Heads of Mission to Skopje, Ambassador Nina Suomalainen, as well as the OSCE Head of Mission in Kosovo, Ambassador Jean-Claude Schlumberger.


EULEX Sends Humanitarian Aid for Refugees and Migrants in Serbia

23 September 2015

In response to the refugee and migrant crisis, the EULEX Mission in Kosovo has sent humanitarian aid to provide immediate relief for transiting refugees and migrants currently in Serbia.

EULEX Workshops on “Prisoner Assessment” for Kosovo Correctional Services

21 September 2015

The EULEX Strengthening Division has committed to facilitating two workshops on prisoner assessment as part of its agenda to support Kosovo Correctional Services (KCS).

The Bahrain Rolex heist – a Landmark case for Kosovo legal institutions

01 September 2015

On August 7, a judicial panel of two international and one local judge gave a verdict in a landmark case for Kosovo legal institutions...

Strategic Planning Workshop for Kosovo Correctional Services

04 September 2015

A workshop focusing on strategic planning and management of Kosovo Correctional Services (KCS) was facilitated by EULEX Strengthening Division from Monday 31 August until Thursday 03 September in Lipjan/Lipljan Correctional Centre and High Security Prison in Podujevë/Podujevo.


EULEX donates equipment to Kosovo Police

06 August 2015

Today, EULEX handed over Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) equipment to the Kosovo Police...


Strengthening Community Policing in the North

28 July 2015

EULEX regional advisor to community policing, Robert Berendse, and station advisors, Dennis Anderson and Frank Lillelund, have daily tasks in community policing in the north...

Roundtable discussion with women of the Kosovo Police

14 July 2015

On the occasion of a visit by a delegation from the Netherlands National Police, EULEX organized an informal discussion on the role of women in the Kosovo Police force..

Civil Registry Workshop organised by EULEX

08 July 2015

Establishing the path to further development of a reliable and comprehensive Civil Registry system in Kosovo was the subject of an EULEX facilitated workshop held this week...

EULEX donates vehicles to Kosovo Customs

07 July 2015

EULEX has handed over fifteen vehicles to the Ministry of Finance, as a donation for Kosovo Customs...

Students from the University of North Carolina visit EULEX in Northern Mitrovica and Pristina

06 July 2015

Eighteen students from the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill visited EULEX in northern Mitrovica this week...


Workshop on Inter-Ethnic Crime Gathers Civil Society, Kosovo Institutions, EULEX

30 June 2015

Recognizing that bias related crimes and incidents are a major focus of the Kosovo rule of law structure...

Street Art – for everyone

29 June 2015

Gray, concrete t-walls surrounding one of the EULEX compounds in the outskirts of Pristina towards Fushë Kosova / Kosovo Polje turned into canvas. Two local artists shaped the street art project.

EULEX Mock Trial allows law students to get court room practice

24 June 2015

Today, eighteen law students from the Pristina Law Faculty had a firsthand opportunity to partake in the process of delivering justice in a courtroom.

EULEX donates fourteen vehicles to the Kosovo Judicial Council.

24 June 2015

A first donation of fourteen vehicles was handed overt today to the Kosovo Judicial Council by EULEX representative,Julien Feuillet.

Site visits to new envisaged IBM Crossing Points

16 June 2015

On 9 and 10 June, the Chair of the IBM Implementation Group within the EU facilitated dialogue....


Forensic Medicine Lecture at Medical College in Mitrovica

30 May 2015

On 30 May a lecture was organised for first year medical students in forensic medicine and anthropology.

Rule of Law and Judicial Process Seminar at IBCM in northern Mitrovica

29 May 2015

EULEX implemented a seminar on the rule of law and the judicial process for a dozen and a half students at the International Business College (IBCM) in northern Mitrovica.

Workshop on Investigation and Prosecution of Domestic Violence Cases

29 May 2015

On May 28 and 29, prosecutors and members of Kosovo Police (KP) participated in a two-day “Police and Prosecutor Response to Domestic Violence in Kosovo” workshop organized by EULEX.

EULEX Workshop on War Crimes

22 May 2015

On 22 May, EULEX organized a specialized workshop on War Crimes. It was attended by three local prosecutors, as well as six local legal officers from the Special Prosecution Office (SPRK).

NGO seminar on Rule of Law and the EU

21 May 2015

The Center for Peace and Tolerance in co-ordination with EULEX, organised a seminar at the EU Info Centre in northern Mitrovica.

EU Day celebrated in Pristina

08 May 2015

EULEX staff participated in various activities organised by the EU and Kosovo institutions in order to mark the Europe Day in Pristina.

Investigation Techniques Workshop Organised for Anti-Corruption Agency

07 May 2015

EULEX held a workshop on Enhancing Investigation Techniques for Corruption Cases yesterday in Pristina.

Netherlands students visit EULEX

07 May 2015

On 07 May 2015, a group of 22 students studying international and European law at the University of Groningen visited EULEX on their study trip in Kosovo.


Admiral Ferguson visits EULEX

28 April 2015

Admiral Mark Ferguson, Commander of Allied Joint Force Command in Naples, visited EULEX Headquarters in Pristina...

EULEX’s Rorschach Test

24 April 2015

By Gabriele Meucci, Head of Mission, EULEX

Right Skills to Recruit Good Prosecutors

23 April 2015

Prosecutors fill a unique role in any judiciary system. Their primary responsibility in the judiciary architecture is to ensure admissible evidence in criminal proceedings in order to present cases to the Courts.

American students visit EULEX

10 April 2015

On 10 April 2015, a group of 30 students from American University Brussels Center European Union Program visited EULEX on their study trip around Kosovo.

EULEX’s Ps and Qs

09 April 2015

By Gabriele Meucci, Head of Mission, EULEX

EULEX donates medical equipment University Clinical Centre Pristina

03 April 2015

Today, EULEX handed over medical equipment including a sterilization autoclave, a Compressor nebulizer, an ICU ventilator, a patient monitor and an anesthesia machine to the University Clinical Centre Pristina as donations.


EU High Representative visits Kosovo

26 March 2015

Federica Mogherini, High Representative of the European Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy/Vice-President of the European Commission arrived in Kosovo on 26 March for a one-day visit.

Žbogar and Meucci presented facts to Krasniqi

13 March 2015

Yesterday, Head of the EU Office in Kosovo / EU Special Representative Samuel Žbogar and Head of the European Union Rule of Law mission in Kosovo – EULEX Gabriele Meucci met with Mr. Jakup Krasniqi, President of the National Council of NISMA.

Danish students visit EULEX

13 March 2015

On 13 March 2015, a group of 15 political science students from Danish universities visited EULEX on their study trip around Kosovo.

Gabriele Meucci visited the Basic Court of Mitrovica

10 March 2015

On 10 March 2015, The Head of Rule of Law Mission in Kosovo (EULEX), Gabriele Meucci visited the Basic Court of Mitrovica, which currently is located in Vushtrri/Vućitrn Court premises.

Empowering women - empowering society! UNMIK radio interviews EULEX women

08 March 2015

Every year on 8 March, International Women’s Day is a time to reflect on progress made, to call for change and to celebrate acts of courage and determination by ordinary women who have played an extraordinary role in the history of their countries and communities.


Kosovo Police: Protecting you, protecting Kosovo

27 February 2015

By Gabriele Meucci, Head of Mission, EULEX

"Mens rea"

26 February 2015

Most criminal offences require what lawyers refer to as "mens rea", which is simply Latin for a "guilty mind" or intent to commit the crime.

Advocacy Training for Law students

24 February 2015

More than sixty students of the Law Faculty at the University of Pristina had the opportunity to gain first-hand knowledge from a team of EULEX prosecutors, judges and legal officers on court procedure.

Terrorism trial starts at the Palace of Justice

17 February 2015

The main trial against five defendants accused of various terrorism related offences started on 11 February, at the Palace of Justice.


Helping life where it begins

30 January 2015

It all started with the initiative of a group of six internationals working with both EULEX and OSCE in taking on a gruelling physical challenge to raise money for a cause important to every person living in Kosovo.

The EU Family Meeting

22 January 2015

On 22 January EULEX Head of Mission Gabriele Meucci and other senior mission members held their regular monthly meeting with the representatives of EU Member States and EULEX Contributing States at the mission's Headquarters in Pristina.

Why we're wrong about modern policing

19 January 2015

Modern policing involves far more than modern equipment and technology, it involves a whole new way of thinking.

Students visit EULEX

14 January 2015

Thomas Muehlmann, EULEX Chief of Staff, welcomed over 110 post graduate students from Vienna Human Rights Master Programme and European Master's...

IBM Crossing Points: shorter queues, less smuggling, more revenue!

12 January 2015

Thousands of residents of Germany, Switzerland, and other Western European countries return to Kosovo every summer to visit family and friends. During the summer, Pristina Airport is teeming with visitors who enter Kosovo without major problems.

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