EULEX Mock Trial allows law students to get court room practice

24 June 2015

Today, eighteen law students from the Pristina Law Faculty had a firsthand opportunity to partake in the process of delivering justice in a courtroom.

This was the third time that the EU Rule of Law mission in Kosovo organized a mock trial to support future generations of justice professionals. The mock trial was implemented by a team of local and EULEX professionals that consisted of prosecutors, judges and legal officers. Their efforts helped law students strengthen their understanding of the proceedings involved in a fair trial in accordance with EU and international best practices. 

 “The main aim of the simulated trial procedures is to provide an opportunity to the Kosovo law student to gain court proceeding experience,” explained Malcolm Simmons, President of EULEX Judges, who led the mock trial.

This opportunity  enabled students to not only gain practical court experience, but also receive coaching from EULEX and local legal experts.  

The event was supported by the Law Faculty of "Hasan Prishtina" University. 

The teaching /coaching team that took part in the mock trial were: 

Malcolm Simmons, President of the EULEX Judges

Kreshnik Radoniq, Local Judge at the Peja/Pec Basic Court

Marie Tuma, EULEX Judge

Andrew Carney, EULEX Prosecutor

Chiara Tagliani, EULEX Legal Officer

Below you can play the video of the third edition of the EULEX Mock Trial