Social media – a tool for collecting evidence and fighting crime

12 December 2017

A more effective prosecution of organised crime and high level corruption was the focus of the two-day workshop managed by EULEX Executive Division experts in cooperation with the Kosovo Academy of Justice.


Modern Day Community Policing – Social Media

29 November 2017

A comprehensive communications strategy to ensure meaningful two way dialogue between the police and the community at all levels is one of the fundamental principles of modern day policing.

Fighting Virtual Crime

24 November 2017

In today’s digital world, even a click on the internet can expose you to various types of virtual dangers and cybercrime. This has drastically increased the need to build and enhance existing capacities within relevant justice authorities to fight dark internet markets and organised crime.

Visit to Basic Prosecution of Mitrovica

17 November 2017

Today, EULEX Chief Prosecutor Claudio Pala and Kosovo Chief Prosecutor Aleksander Lumezi visited the Basic Prosecution of Mitrovica.


Kosovo’s EU future and EU enlargement perspective of the Western Balkans

27 October 2017

EEAS Secretary General, Helga Schmid visited EULEX where she met with the Head of Mission, Ms. Alexandra Papadopoulou and Senior Management


Educational-Correctional Centre for Juveniles Opens in Lipjan

15 September 2017

Today, EULEX Head of Mission Alexandra Papadopoulou attended the inauguration of the Educational-Correctional Centre for Juveniles in Lipjan

Reinforcing EULEX Partnership with Kosovo Rule of Law Institutions

13 September 2017

The EU Rule of Law Mission in Kosovo (EULEX) Head Alexandra Papadopoulou met with the new Kosovo Minister of Justice Abelard Tahiri

EULEX Ready to Support Rule of Law in Kosovo – Papadopoulou says to new Prime Minister

12 September 2017

Alexandra Papadopoulou, Head of EULEX, met today with the newly elected Prime Minister of Kosovo, Mr. Ramush Haradinaj

Gender Equality is a Fundamental Right

08 September 2017

EULEX Head of Mission, Alexandra Papadopoulou, spoke to the members of the Lobby for Gender Equality in Kosovo in Deçan/Decani to encourage gender equality in line with European Union standards and best practices


The Search for the Missing - Fatime’s Story

30 August 2017

Just like every year, Fatime Krasniqi went to her husband’s memorial to mark the eighteenth anniversary of his disappearance in a village of Qupreve e Ulet in Klina municipality, where she lives with her three children


EULEX HoM’s lecture at the Kosovo International Summer Academy

21 July 2017

Today, as part of the activities of the Kosovo International Summer Academy (KSA) organised by Kosovo Center for Diplomacy, EULEX Head of Mission, Alexandra Papadopoulou, delivered a lecture on “Strengthening the Rule of Law in Post-Conflict Kosovo - Challenges and EULEX's Contribution”.


Enhancing the Capacity of Kosovo Prosecutors to Deal with Corruption

05 June 2017

The Office of the EULEX Chief Prosecutor organised a two day training last week focused on enhancing the capacity of Kosovo Prosecutors to deal with corruption...


EULEX HoM Alexandra Papadopoulou meets Pristina Law Faculty Students

25 May 2017

EULEX Head of Mission Alexandra Papadopoulou spoke to the students of the Pristina Law Faculty. After a brief introduction about the mission’s mandate and the rule of law in Kosovo...

EULEX supports sustainable civil registry in Kosovo

25 May 2017

Today, the EULEX Advisory Unit on Internal Matters (AUIM) organized two separate activities related to building awareness on existing procedures and the benefits of providing civil status and civil registration to citizens in the north of Kosovo

Reintegrating inmates – a EULEX project supporting Kosovo Correctional Service

22 May 2017

In the continuous efforts to support and strengthen the local institutions, as part of its mandate, EULEX’s Correctional Unit held a one week workshop/training for approximately 20 Kosovo Correctional Service Officers.

EULEX Marks EU Day

10 May 2017

Yesterday, the EU Office in Kosovo marked Europe Day by organising various educational and cultural activities across Kosovo.

EEAS Principal Advisor on Gender Mara Marinaki visits Women in Kosovo

04 May 2017

As part of her ongoing visit to Kosovo, Mara Marinaki, EEAS Ambassador and Principal Advisor on Gender, together with Alexandra Papadopoulou, EULEX Head of Mission, met...


Students from Belgrade Visit EULEX – We Want A Better Future

16 March 2017

Twelve students from the University of Belgrade, Faculty of Political Sciences, supported by the NGO Youth Initiative for Human Rights (YIHR), met with EULEX HoM Alexandra Papadopoulou to better understand the Mission’s mandate and current challenges.

EULEX HoM Meets with Harvard Law School Human Rights Program

14 March 2017

The EULEX Head of Mission Ms. Alexandra Papadopoulou met today with Ms. Rebecca Agule, Clinical Advocacy Fellow from the Harvard Law School Human Rights Program and law students Christian Hines, Katrina Braun and Jared Small to discuss EULEX’s efforts to strength rule of law institutions in Kosovo.

Leaving No One Behind

08 March 2017

By Alexandra Papadopoulou, Head of the European Union Rule of Law Mission in Kosovo


EULEX HoM to Parliamentarians: If Challenges are Common, Solutions Must be Equally Joint

20 February 2017

During the Summit of Foreign Affairs Parliamentary Committees, organized under the auspices of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Assembly of Kosovo, EULEX Head of Mission Ms. Alexandra Papadopoulou stressed the need for...

EULEX Held a Three Day Negotiation Skills Seminar for Kosovo Correctional Service

17 February 2017

16 February 2017 EULEX’s Strengthening division held a three-day seminar focused on improving negotiations skills in crisis incident situations in Lipjan/Lipljan prison.


Annual Conference of Kosovo Prosecutors

30 January 2017

On 28 January, the Annual Conference of Kosovo Prosecutors was held in Pristina and attended by over 200 prosecutors, including the Deputy Head of Mission, Bernd Thran, and Chief EULEX Prosecutor, Claudio Pala.

EULEX Head of Mission continues her regular visits throughout Kosovo

25 January 2017

Today, the Head of EULEX, Alexandra Papadopoulou, visited the Serbian Orthodox Monastery of Deçan/Dečani...

MA Students Visit EULEX

19 January 2017

Yesterday, students from the European Master’s Degree in Human Rights and Democratisation (EMA) and European Interuniversity Centre (EIUC), Venice visited the EULEX Mission in Kosovo.

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