Komunikata për Shtyp

Komunikata për Shtyp

Praise for Police Cooperation

03 janar 2009

All People are asked to stay calm

Both KFOR and EULEX will not allow any kind of violence in Kosovo.

KFOR and EULEX will prevent all kind of incidents. For the time being KFOR is increasing its presence in Mitrovica. EULEX also increases its presence in Northern Kosovo to show its determination, whilst continuing patrolling the area and reinforcing its mandate of mentoring, monitoring and advising the local authorities.

KFOR troops and EULEX Police Units will keep supporting the Kosovo Police to maintain public order.

KFOR and EULEX ask all people of Mitrovica and from all other areas of Kosovo to stay calm and to stop all violent actions. To any kind of threat to the safe and secure environment and the freedom of movement, KFOR and EULEX are ready to respond in a strong way.