Komunikata për Shtyp

Komunikata për Shtyp

Yves De Kermabon: “A first step” in Belgrade

13 mars 2009

A Supreme Court panel of five judges – three Eulex and two local judges - ordered on the afternoon of March 12 the immediate release of F.E. from Dubrava prison. He was acquitted of all charges and released for a lack of evidence.

F.E. was sentenced to forty years in jail in June 2008 by an UNMIK panel of three international judges. He had been accused in the case of the so called ‘Nis Express’ bus, which was blown up by hidden explosives in February 2001, killing eleven passengers and seriously wounding ten others. F.E. appealed against the sentence.

His case was brought to the Supreme Court, which decided after hours of deliberation to release him immediately. The decision was agreed by the five judges and notified to the District Court of Pristina. The judges will explain their decision in a written judgment to be provided in the next days.

The decision by the Supreme Court was taken independently and free of any political interference.

Upon receipt of the written judgment, the EULEX prosecutor will asses the possibility to undertake any further action.