Komunikata për Shtyp

Komunikata për Shtyp

EULEX/OMPF exhumes a mass grave in Gjilan

14 korrik 2009

A mass grave was located by the KP and EULEX/OMPF last Thursday 9th of July. The site lies close to Kmetovce/Kmetofc village, approximately 5 km northeast from the town of Gjilan/Gjillane.

EULEX/OMPF, in coordination with the KP and the EULEX War Crimes Investigation Unit, assessed and exhumed the site, recovering skeletonized body parts of at least 11 individuals, presumed to be missing persons. Amongst the recovered body parts, the remains of 4 children were found.

The excavation covered an area spanning approximately 380 m2. The remains were found scattered over an area of 68 m2, ranging in depth from the surface layer to 1.15 m.
The operation lasted three days.

The remains have been transferred to the EULEX/OMPF Headquarters where autopsy and identification procedures will begin later on this week. Samples of bone will be selected and sent for DNA analysis.

Press Contacts:
Christophe Lamfalussy, Head of EULEX PPIO, +377 44 960 109
Karin Limdal, Deputy Head of EULEX PPIO, +377 44 799 247