Komunikata për Shtyp

Komunikata për Shtyp

Tracking Changes in the Rule of Law

27 tetor 2010

Today EULEX hosted a workshop, entitled “The Programmatic Approach and Civil Society: Achievements and Challenges,” to discuss progress and shortcomings in Kosovo’s rule of law institutions. The event, organized by the EULEX Programme Office as part of its efforts to ensure transparency and accountability in its work, was attended by representatives of over 35 NGOs.

The Tracking Mechanism, which is a tool that EULEX uses in its quarterly reports, as part of its core mandate of monitoring, mentoring and advising (MMA), to measure progress in rule of law institutions, was presented to the civil society representatives.

EULEX quarterly reports highlight the progress, or lack thereof, in implementing MMA action fiches. These fiches are actions jointly agreed to with local institutions with the aim of developing the rule of law in Kosovo.

Xavier de Marnhac, who took over as EULEX head on 15 October, noted: “A lot has been achieved, but I’m fully aware that much work still lies ahead. My intention is to cooperate closely with those ready to provide advice and support to achieve my mission, a mission undertaken for the benefit of everyone in Kosovo.”

The workshop formed 3 working groups -- police, justice and customs – at which EULEX officials and their counterparts from local institutions discussed the challenges ahead.

This is the third such workshop organized by EULEX where Mission officials and civil society discuss both progress and shortcomings in Kosovo’s rule of law institutions.

The Tracking Mechanism report and the pictures from the event can be downloaded at the following link: