Komunikata për Shtyp

Komunikata për Shtyp

Man sentenced for causing general danger

29 mars 2012

29 March 2012

A mixed panel of two EULEX judges and one local judge at the District Court of Peja/Pec on 29 March 2012 found the defendant D.I. guilty for the criminal offence of causing general danger. He was sentenced to five years of imprisonment.

The trial panel found D.I. guilty because he fired two shots at the victim in Decan/Decani, missing him and hitting the window and the door of a supermarket instead. Despite the large number of people in the vicinity, no one was hit either directly or by ricochet. The defendant was initially charged with attempted murder which was re-qualified as causing general danger.

The trial panel acquitted I.I. and B.K. of all the charges, since the evidence did not prove they had committed the criminal offences they were charged with.

The case was prosecuted by a EULEX prosecutor from the District of Peja/Pec.