Komunikata për Shtyp

Komunikata për Shtyp

Indictment confirmed against six suspects in the Spain theft case

10 korrik 2012

10 July 2012

A local judge at the Prishtine/Pristina District Court confirmed the indictment filed by a EULEX prosecutor against six suspects, one of them a high-ranking ROSU officer, in connection with a theft that took place in Barcelona, Spain in July 2009.

The indictment was confirmed against H.J., A.X.-J., and S.B. who are charged with the criminal offence of aggravated theft. A.X.-J. is also charged with unauthorized control, possession or use of weapons.

The judge confirmed the indictment against A.Y., A.B. and S.J. who are charged with the criminal offence of providing assistance to perpetrators after the commission of a criminal offence.

The confirmation judge found that the evidence supports the grounded suspicion that the suspects committed the criminal offences they are charged with.

The indictment was severed against S.M. because the suspect was not present in court during the confirmation hearing.

The judge did not hold a confirmation hearing for E.B., D.K., N.B. and A.Y. charged with the criminal offence of receiving stolen goods, since these charges are handled through a summary procedure.

The defendants are accused in connection with the theft of approximately 1,3 million Euros worth of jewelry in a hotel room in Barcelona, Spain.

The case is being prosecuted in a mixed team led by a EULEX District Prosecutor.