Komunikata për Shtyp

Komunikata për Shtyp

Indictment filed in smuggling of migrants case

19 korrik 2012

19 July 2012

A EULEX prosecutor from the District of Prishtina/Pristine filed an indictment against five suspects in a case related to the smuggling of migrants from Kosovo to other foreign countries, mainly the Americas.

B.N., Q.D., N.A., P.K. and J.S. are charged in the indictment with the criminal offences of engaging in smuggling of migrants, attempt to engage in smuggling of migrants and producing, providing or possessing a fraudulent travel or identity document in order to enable the smuggling of migrants and to obtain a financial or other material benefit.

The suspects have allegedly provided several people with false documents to travel from Kosovo to foreign countries in return for large sums of money. Their case is also related to D.N., a key suspect, who is also allegedly involved in the smuggling of migrants.

The case is being prosecuted by a EULEX prosecutor from the District of Prishtina/Pristine.