Komunikata për Shtyp

Komunikata për Shtyp

L.J. acquitted of all charges

10 tetor 2012

10 October 2012

A mixed panel of two EULEX judges and one Kosovo judge, presided over by a EULEX judge at the District Court of Gjilan/Gnjilane acquitted L.J. of all charges. The defendant is serving a sentence of imprisonment in another case in the Dubrava prison.

L.J. was accused that between March 1, 2003 and March 7, 2003, in the vicinity of the Administrative Boundary Line between Gate 5 in Kosovo and the police checkpoint located at or near Konculj, the Republic of Serbia, him and others in co-perpetration attempted to commit an act of terrorism.

L.J. was charged with the criminal offences of attempt to commit an act of terrorism through causing general danger, unauthorized possession of weapons and/or explosive substances, and making or procuring of weapons or exploding substances.

The case was prosecuted by a local SPRK Prosecutor.