Komunikata për Shtyp

Komunikata për Shtyp

Detention on remand in war crimes case

24 nëntor 2012

24 November 2012

A EULEX judge at Pristina District Court has ordered one month’s detention on remand for four individuals accused in the so-called Klecka war crimes case. N.K., N.K., N.S. and F.L. all appeared in court in Pristina on Saturday 24 November.

The presiding judge, giving reasons for his decision to order detention on remand, considered grounded suspicion that the accused committed the crimes they were charged with, the risk of flight and the risk of tampering with evidence existed in respect of all accused in view of the fact they were charged with very serious alleged criminal offences, and the fact that evidence from a protected witness had been ruled admissible by the Supreme Court earlier this week.

In accordance with Articles 287(2), 283(3) and (4) of the Kosovo Code of Criminal Procedure, each accused may file an appeal against this ruling within 24 hours of being served with the ruling.