Komunikata për Shtyp

Komunikata për Shtyp

Pristina District Court modifies Obiliq/ć police commander conviction

01 shkurt 2013

17 January 2013

A mixed panel of one EULEX judge and two local judges, presided over by the EULEX judge at the District Court of Pristina, modified the conviction of the Obiliq/Obilić Police Station Commander S.Z. who was found guilty by the Municipal Court of Pristina of two counts of sexual abuse, two counts of mistreatment (verbal insults and intimidation) whilst carrying out his duties, and one count of accepting bribes.

The District Court panel rejected one count and modified another count as to the date of commission of the crime. Further, it partly granted the appeal of the defense in acquitting the defendant of one count, and reclassifying another count to the original charge. The remainder of the appeal was rejected.

The second instance court also decreased the punishment against S.Z.. The aggregate punishment was lowered to twelve months of imprisonment, with the additional punishment of prohibition of exercising public administration or public service duties for two years after the punishment of imprisonment has been served.