Komunikata për Shtyp

Komunikata për Shtyp

EULEX and Education Ministry cooperate in rule of law outreach

11 shkurt 2013

11 February 2013

EULEX and the Kosovo Ministry of Education, Science and Technology have agreed to cooperate in a series of outreach activities to promote the importance of the rule of law.

EU experts working for EULEX, such as judges and prosecutors, will give lectures alongside their local counterparts in high schools across Kosovo. Subjects such as missing persons, the criminal justice system, forensic science and corruption will be discussed during the lectures. The roles and responsibilities of lawyers, judges and investigators will also be addressed.

Nicholas Hawton, Head of the EULEX Press and Public Information Office, said the initiative was very important for the long term: “It is crucial that EULEX works together with the local institutions to promote the rule of law. EULEX will not be here forever. The future of Kosovo depends on the new generations coming through. We want to try and pass on best European practices and experiences in the rule of law.”