Komunikata për Shtyp

Komunikata për Shtyp

Detention on remand extended for Z.V.

27 shtator 2013

27 September 2013

A EULEX pre-trial judge at the Mitrovica Basic Court granted the request of a EULEX prosecutor to extend for one month the detention on remand for Z.V.. The detention on remand was extended until 29 October 2013.

Z.V. is suspected of several crimes (Attempted aggravated murder, Unauthorised ownership, control, possession or use of a weapon, Unauthorised ownership, control or possession of a weapon, Aggravated theft, Obstructing official persons in performing official duties and Fraud). The judge was satisfied that further evidence was presented related to the charge of attempted murder of two police officers. The evidence on this charge that has been so far presented is strong enough to increase the level of suspicion but warrants further consideration and assessment. There continues to be grounded suspicion for the charge of unauthorized possession of a weapon. For the other charges it was found that there is no grounded suspicion against the defendant.

The judge considered that the danger of flight remains high due to the defendant's links with Serbia and the circumstances of the charges against him. The judge therefor concluded that the danger of flight remains at a level which warrants a measure.

The prosecution and defendants have the right to appeal this decision.