Komunikata për Shtyp

Komunikata për Shtyp

Verdict in a murder case

04 shkurt 2014

04 February 2014

On the 3 February 2014, the Basic Court in Mitrovicë/Mitrovica delivered a verdict in a murder case involving three defendants, A.H., A.A. and F.H..

The court found the defendant A.H. guilty for the counts of 'Aggravated murder and unauthorized ownership, control, possession or use of weapons' and sentenced him to an aggregate punishment of 16 and a half years of imprisonment. The court also imposed the accessory punishment of confiscation of the pistol used by A.H. to commit the criminal offences.

The second defendant, A.A., was found guilty on the count of 'Causing of general danger' and sentenced him to six-months of imprisonment, not to be executed if he does not commit another criminal offence for the verification period of one-year. The accessory punishment of confiscation of the automatic rifle was imposed on A.A..

The court acquitted the third defendant F.H. of all charges.


It was proven beyond reasonable doubt that A.H. did intentionally use a pistol in such a way that he aimed and fired two shots at B.A., who was standing inside café Kroni in Mitrovicë/Mitrovica on 3 July 2012, where approximately 28 other people were present. By his actions, A.H., deprived with direct intent B.A. of his life by hitting him with one bullet in the chest, causing a wound, which resulted in his death. By the same action, A.H. also endangered the life of any one of the other persons that were present inside the café with eventual intent. And by doing so A.H. committed two criminal offences in concurrence.

It was also proven beyond reasonable doubt that A.A. used a semi-automatic rifle in a threatening and frightening manner that after a verbal conflict with defendants A.H. and F.H., he fired one shot in the air from this weapon.