Saopštenja za medije

Saopštenja za medije

TFM arrests suspects in the Brdjani/Kroi i Vitakut murder case

12. juli 2012. god.

12 July 2012

The EULEX Task Force Mitrovica led a joint operation with the Kosovo Police this morning in connection to the Brdjani /Kroi i Vitakut murder case.

Two suspects were detained in relation to the violent incident that occurred in November 2011 and which resulted in the murder of S.M.. One of the suspects was found in possession of weapons and/or ammunition without proper authorization. Two other persons were put under arrest for unauthorized possession of weapons and/or ammunition.

During the operation, three houses were searched and two AK 47 rifles with around 110 bullets, 1 pistol with 5 bullets and 1 hand grenade were confiscated. The search was carried out without any incidents.

The two suspects and the two individuals arrested have been placed in temporary police detention for 48 hours.

The case is being investigated by a mixed team of one EULEX and one local District prosecutor.