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Frequently Asked Questions 

General Questions

Who can apply for a job with EULEX?
The citizens of EU Member States and the citizens of Third States contributing to EULEX (Norway, Switzerland, Turkey, USA and Canada) can apply for international positions unless the person concerned is permanently resident in Kosovo. Contracted candidates from Third States may only be considered if there is at least one seconded mission member from the same Third State already in the Mission.

Can I send more than one application form?
No, we can only accept one application per person per announcement.

Can I list more than three priorities on my application?
No, we can only accept the first three priorities listed on your application regardless of how many are placed there.

Is there any limitation in terms of age for candidates?
No, in accordance with current Mission's regulations we accept applications from all qualified candidates.

The Application Process in the Call for Contributions

I can't submit my online application form: what should I do?
In order to avoid any potential problems, we may suggest that contracted candidates use Internet Explorer browser while applying online in one's Call for Contributions.

Furthermore, since you cannot save the filled information before submitting the online application form, it is advisable to have a first look at the form and prepare all information asked for in the form beforehand in order to copy/paste it to the online application form at a later stage.

Contracted candidates are also advised not to wait until the last day for submission of their online application, since heavy internet traffic or a problem with the internet connection may lead to missing the set deadline. Late applications will be disregarded automatically.

Can you confirm receipt of my application?
If you applied as a seconded candidate all correspondence is handled through your nominating authority. If you applied directly as a contracted candidate, upon submission of your online application you will receive an automatic reply with the copy of your application form in pdf format. It is the responsibility of the contracted candidate to provide a valid/correct email address while applying online in order to receive the above mentioned confirmation email. If such confirmation is not received within few hours, contracted candidates are advised to check their account's Spam/Junk E-mail folder; if no result, then the interested candidates should try reapplying by the set deadline.

Can you inform me about the status of my application?
Only applicants who have been shortlisted and called for interview will be kept informed, either directly for contracted appointments or through their nominating authorities for seconded. All other applicants should assume that if they do not receive any notification from us and a new call for contribution is published, their application has been unsuccessful.

I applied for a previous advertisement; do I need to apply again for the latest call as I am still waiting to hear the outcome from the previous one?
If you have heard nothing you should assume your first application was unsuccessful and you are welcome to apply again.

I previously applied for a position that is being re-advertised, do I need to apply again or will my old application be considered?
Your old application cannot be considered and you should apply again.

I would like to make an update to my previous application: how can I do this?
You cannot update an application after it has been submitted. Only the original application can be considered. Of course if you are applying again for a new Call for Contributions, then you may submit an updated application.

Can I send my application at any time for possible future positions?
No, only applications submitted before the application deadline and through the proper channels can be considered. Other applications outside of this timeframe will be disregarded.

Do I need to sign the electronic version of the application form?
No signature is required when filling and sending the electronic version of the application form. However by submitting the form you are vouching for the accurateness of the information given. Any misleading statement in the application form may lead to your exclusion from the selection process or to a termination of contract.

How will I be notified if I am selected for interview?
Usually candidates are notified by e-mail. If there is no reply, candidates might be contacted by phone.

I was interviewed but have not heard anything further?
We endeavour to notify all interviewees of the outcome of their interview. Occasionally due to the very large numbers of applications and interviews delays might occur.

I fulfilled all the requirements asked for in the job descriptions and have a huge amount of experience but still was not interviewed, why?
We receive a large amount of highly qualified and experienced applicants making competition for each advertised position very tough. Seconded candidates are given priority. Otherwise, all applications for a contract are given equal consideration.

Seconded and Contracted Positions

I am an 'international' and I want to work for EULEX. What is the difference between the seconded positions and the contracted positions?
There is no difference between the positions concerned; the difference is with the employment regimes. Seconded staff is seconded to EULEX by their national employers. Contracted staff is employed by EULEX through an employment contract.

How can I apply as a seconded applicant?
You can only apply as a seconded applicant through your national authorities. Only applications received through the national nominating bodies will be considered for seconded status.

Can you tell me which of my national authorities I should send my application to for a seconded position?
Each Contributing State has its own set of procedures. We suggest contacting your Ministry of Foreign Affairs or equivalent for more information.

Can I apply for all positions as a contracted applicant?
No. You can only apply as a contracted applicant for positions with the employment regime "Seconded/Contracted" indicated in the respective job description. However, even if a position is open for contracted applicants preference is given to seconded applicants.

I have applied to my national authorities as a seconded applicant; can I also apply to the mission as contracted?
Only if your national authorities do not support your application. If we receive two applications, one from your nominating authority for secondment and the other directly from you we will process only the seconded application.

Deployment and Contract

When will I be deployed?
All selected candidates will be informed about their anticipated deployment date in due time.

What salary/grade will I be on?
Final salary, based on grading, depends on several factors including the post applied for and years of relevant experience. This process takes some time and it is impossible for us to give accurate quotes to all applicants. For further information please check the following link for an indication of salary scales and allowances:

I would like to know more regarding the duration of the contract and the type?
The length of the fixed-term employment contracts may vary depending on the approved Budgetary Impact Statement.

How long will the Mission last?
The Mission mandate's duration is subject to a decision of the Council of the European Union. Currently it is set for 14 June 2016.


I was told that I can be in Kosovo without a visa only for 3 months. Does this mean that in the case of longer employment I need to get a residence permit in Kosovo?
No visa is required for any staff working for EULEX Kosovo during the whole period of employment.

Do I need to officially translate my Educational Certificates and Employment Attestations into English language?
Yes, if the requested documents are not in English all the documents must be accompanied by an Official Translation in English language.

Can you inform me about the documents that I have to provide?
The selected candidates have to provide the Mission with the following documents:

  • Passport – The candidates must obtain a passport from their respective national authorities.
  • Certificate/Booklet of vaccination – no specific requirements for Kosovo are currently in force.
  • Medical certificate – To be in possession of a valid certificate declaring that the staff member is fit to work in the mission.
  • Driving licence – To be in possession of a valid driver's licence for motor vehicles (Category B or equivalent). Ability to drive any 4-wheel drive vehicle. Category C driving licence is required when it is foreseen by the job description.

I would be grateful if you could let me know where and how can I obtain medical clearance. Could you provide me with any template or form as an example please?
Medical clearance can be obtained from a personal/family doctor in your place of residence. No specific templates are required. You will have to prove that you are physically and mentally fit for service.

Is the EU security clearance necessary only for police officers or even for civilian staff?
The EU security clearance is necessary for every person who joins the EULEX if mentioned in the job description.

How do I get a personnel security clearance (PSC) and when do I need to submit it?
For majority of positions with EULEX there is no requirement to have a security clearance before applying.

The lack of possession of PSC, even if required, is not an impediment for the selection of the respective candidate. The Mission, in its capacity of employer, shall subsequently obtain the PSC from the respective national security authority, after the selected contracted candidate submits the necessary documents.

If required by the job description of the post, the seconded staff member must submit a valid PSC during the check-in process. The PSC is issued by the individual's competent national authority following the request of the seconding authority.

For both seconded and contracted staff members access to EU Classified Information will be limited to "EU RESTRICTED/ RESTREINT UE" level until the issuance of their national security clearance.