Saopštenja za medije

Saopštenja za medije

Detention on remand for the extradited suspect

11. decembar 2013. god.

11 December 2013

At the request of an international prosecutor from Kosovo Special Prosecution Office (SPRK), yesterday the pre-trial international judge from the Prishtina Basic Court ordered one month detention on remand for the suspect E.G..

E.G., who was extradited from Albania on 9 December 2013, is suspected of taking part in an organised criminal group that committed armed robbery in the Kingdom of Bahrain in September this year, involving the theft of jewellery (luxury watches) worth over 1.1 Million EUR.

The suspect and other members of the group are charged with aggravated coercion and assault, causing grievous bodily harm and direct participation in an organized group which committed an aggravated robbery. He will remain on detention on remand until 8 January 2014.