Saopštenja za medije

2010 Saopštenja za medije


Saopštenja za medije

Incident in the village of Postenje

08. decembar 2010. god.

EULEX Head of Mission to visit Tirana

01. decembar 2010. god.

Verdict in B.S., M.U., N.S. and Q.B. case

26. novembar 2010. god.

De Marnhac’s first visit to Belgrade concluded

23. novembar 2010. god.

Central Bank Governor case

19. novembar 2010. god.

Update on Medicus case

12. novembar 2010. god.

Verdict in N.D. and A.A. case

10. novembar 2010. god.

Verdict in a war crimes case

10. novembar 2010. god.

EULEX marks the 10th Anniversary of UNSCR 1325 on Women, Peace and Security

31. oktobar 2010. god.

Tracking Changes in the Rule of Law

27. oktobar 2010. god.

EULEX marks EU Anti Trafficking Day

18. oktobar 2010. god.

Indictment in MEDICUS clinic case

15. oktobar 2010. god.

New EULEX Head of Mission takes Office

15. oktobar 2010. god.

EULEX carries out another arrest in northern Kosovo

06. oktobar 2010. god.

EULEX carries out arrest in northern Kosovo

04. oktobar 2010. god.

Arrest of a former general director of Dardania

30. septembar 2010. god.

Search related to organised crime case

30. septembar 2010. god.

Searches in Skenderaj/Srbica area are finished

29. septembar 2010. god.

Searches underway in Skenderaj/Srbica area

28. septembar 2010. god.

Searches and arrests related to organised crime and smuggling

15. septembar 2010. god.

Andy Sparkes appointed as Deputy Head of EULEX

02. septembar 2010. god.

Statement from Roy Reeve, acting Head of EULEX, on the International Day of the Disappeared

26. avgust 2010. god.

The OMPF becomes the Department of Forensic Medicine (DFM)

23. avgust 2010. god.

The new Head of the EULEX Justice Component is Silvio Bonfigli

12. avgust 2010. god.

Additional charges against Kosovo Central Bank Governor

29. juli 2010. god.

Arrest in connection to investigation in Ministry of Transport and Telecommunication

29. juli 2010. god.

Residence of former KLA commander searched

28. juli 2010. god.

New Head of EULEX Kosovo Mission appointed

27. juli 2010. god.

Seven searches related to Central Bank investigation

23. juli 2010. god.

Searches related to telecommunications license are finished

19. juli 2010. god.

Mitrovica District Court Rejects U.S. Extradition Demand

16. juli 2010. god.

House arrest ordered in Bllaca case

15. juli 2010. god.

Searches related to telecommunications license

15. juli 2010. god.

District Court Judge Convicted of Accepting Bribes

14. juli 2010. god.

Ministry of Health advisor released on bail

14. juli 2010. god.

Detention ordered in war crimes case

14. juli 2010. god.

War Crimes suspect extradited from Norway to Kosovo

13. juli 2010. god.

Statement by Head of EULEX regarding Mitrovica Court

13. juli 2010. god.

Adviser at the Ministry of Health arrested

13. juli 2010. god.

Another arrest in the Bllaca case

13. juli 2010. god.

EULEX Head of Mission statement

09. juli 2010. god.

One arrest related to war crimes

23. juni 2010. god.

Verdict in A.K. case

14. juni 2010. god.

EULEX mandate extended for two years

08. juni 2010. god.

EULEX presents its 2nd Programme Report

04. juni 2010. god.

EULEX and Kosovo Police make arrests in major organized crime case

27. maj 2010. god.

High EU Representative in Kosovo

26. maj 2010. god.

Klompenhouwer Meets PM Thaci

25. maj 2010. god.

Shared Commitment to Strengthen the Rule of Law

19. maj 2010. god.

The remains of eight individuals are exhumed

12. maj 2010. god.

EULEX helps in locating mass grave sites

10. maj 2010. god.

Construction tenders under investigation

29. april 2010. god.

EULEX search operation

28. april 2010. god.

Head of EULEX, Yves de Kermabon statement on the Day of Missing in Kosovo

27. april 2010. god.

Romanian Gendarmes mission terminated

22. april 2010. god.

EULEX statement on border incident

21. april 2010. god.

Joint statement by EUSR/EULEX/ECLO

16. april 2010. god.

A.K. trial is adjourned until 13 April 2010

02. mart 2010. god.

01 March 2010, EULEX Head of Mission, Yves de Kermabon, welcomes the establishment of the Task Force on Anti-Corruption by the Kosovo Government

02. mart 2010. god.

Mr. de Kermabon to visit Belgrade 2-3 March

25. februar 2010. god.

Joint Press Release – 15th Joint Rule of Law Coordination Board

24. februar 2010. god.

Albin Kurti trial adjourned until 2 March

23. februar 2010. god.

Press release: Presiding Judge orders KP to accompany A.K. to the court

22. februar 2010. god.

A.K. trial adjourned to 22 February

15. februar 2010. god.

Press Release: Drenusha versus Municipality of Viti

12. februar 2010. god.

Landmark verdict at Supreme Court

14. januar 2010. god.

De Kermabon: “Strong, fair and multiethnic rule-of-law institutions make the so-called parallel structures irrelevant

14. januar 2010. god.

One arrest in the Bllaca case

12. januar 2010. god.