2022 News


EULEX and KFOR Conduct the “Golden Sabre” 2022 Exercise

27 September 2022

EULEX Head speaks at Conference on Access to Public Documents

27 September 2022

EULEX’s Gender Advisor Presents EULEX’s Work in the Fight against Sexual Violence

26 September 2022

No Means No – Sexual Violence and Harassment of Women” Debate – EULEX Gender Advisor Presents the Mission’s Work

26 September 2022

“Bring Your Loved Ones to Work” Day

23 September 2022

EULEX and Kosovo Police Pay Tribute to the Memory of Audrius Šenavicius, who Lost his Life in the Line of Duty

19 September 2022

EULEX Hosts Master Students from the Global Campus of Human Rights

15 September 2022

Visibility event ‘IPA Further Support to Forensic Medicine Services in Kosovo’

15 September 2022

EULEX continues to support Kosovo’s Institute of Forensic Medicine

15 September 2022

EULEX Facilitates a Digital Communications Training by the European Union Civilian Training Initiative for International Organizations’ Experts

09 September 2022

EULEX’s Forensic Archeologist, Javier Santana, Describes the Challenges of Locating Missing Persons for a Blog Series of forumZFD’s Dealing with the Past

07 September 2022

Leader of EULEX’s Mission Security team honored by the German Ministry of Interior and Municipal Affairs of Brandenburg for his service abroad

05 September 2022

EULEX’s Forensic Anthropologist, Luísa Marinho, Tells her Experience for a Blog Series of forumZFD’s Dealing with the Past

04 September 2022

EULEX Head of Press and Public Information Office Presents the Mission’s Work in Supporting Kosovo Institutions’ Fight against Sexual Violence

31 August 2022

71 members of EULEX’s Formed Police Unit Awarded with the CSDP Service Medal

31 August 2022

EULEX conducts increased reconnaissance patrols in the north of Kosovo

30 August 2022

EULEX Donation to the School “17 February”

24 August 2022

EULEX Head of Press and Public Information Office Presents the Mission as Guest Lecturer at the Kosovo International Summer Academy

18 August 2022

EULEX Supports the Main Center of Family Medicine in Kaçanik/ Kačanik with Donation of a Vehicle and IT Equipment

17 August 2022

EULEX Donates Basic Life Support Equipment to the Kosovo Correctional Service

12 August 2022

EULEX Donation to Kosovo Food and Veterinary Agency

09 August 2022

EULEX Donation to the Institute of Forensic Medicine

08 August 2022

“Voices from Farnesina” Podcast: EULEX Mission Analytical Capability Analyst Speaks about Women’s Participation in EU Civilian Missions

05 August 2022

EULEX’s Donation to Support the Work of Fahrije Hoti’s Agriculture Cooperative Krusha

04 August 2022

Speech by the Head of Mission during EULEX Donation to Agriculture Cooperative Krusha

04 August 2022

Leading one of the most challenging sectors of the Kosovo Police – Meet Vjollca Hoti, Commander of the Station South of the Kosovo Police, Regional Directorate Pristina

29 July 2022

EULEX’s Reserve Formed Police Unit Leaves Kosovo

18 July 2022

EULEX Joins Kosovo Institutions and International Organizations to Support the 2022 Para Sport Games

17 July 2022

EULEX Organizes the First Career Development Workshop in Collaboration with the University of Pristina

15 July 2022

“EULEX Convoy for Ukraine” in support of Ukraine and its people

12 July 2022

Speech by the Head of Mission during “EULEX Convoy for Ukraine”

12 July 2022

EULEX Presents its Monitoring Report “Assessment of the Handling of Rape Cases by the Justice System in Kosovo”

06 July 2022

Presentation of EULEX’s Monitoring Report : “Assessment of the Handling of Rape Cases by the Justice System in Kosovo”

06 July 2022

Speech by the Head of Mission during the presentation of EULEX’s Monitoring Report: “Assessment of the Handling of Rape Cases by the Justice System in Kosovo”

06 July 2022

EULEX Formed Police Unit and Reserve Formed Police unit join Dancon March

04 July 2022

EULEX hosts a delegation of German senior officials

29 June 2022

EULEX Reserve Formed Police Unit conducts a Ruck March

27 June 2022

Tactical Medical Course for the EULEX Formed Police Unit and Reserve Formed Police Unit

24 June 2022

EULEX Hosts a Group of German Police Officers from North Rhine-Westphalia

23 June 2022

EULEX Head of Human Resources Division Shares Mission’s Experience at Communication and Women’s Representation in Civilian CSDP Missions Workshop

21 June 2022

EULEX Supports Cycle Kosovo for Children 2022

20 June 2022

EULEX FPU and RFPU Joint Training with KFOR MSU

17 June 2022

EULEX Hosts a Group of Students from Amsterdam University College

17 June 2022

EULEX and the Kosovo Law Institute present the Second Report on Monitoring Court Hearings by Citizens

14 June 2022

EULEX joins the Pristina Pride Parade

10 June 2022

EULEX Trains Kosovo Rule of Law institutions’ Spokespersons and Press Officers in Digital Communication and Mobile Journalism

09 June 2022

EULEX Reserve Formed Police Unit Gendarmes Awarded CSDP Service Medal

09 June 2022

Call to Apply to Workshop on Career Development with International Organizations

06 June 2022

EULEX Hosts COWEB Delegation from Council of the European Union

01 June 2022

EULEX Marks the Beginning of the Kosovo Sustainable Development Week with a Tree Planting Activity

30 May 2022

EULEX Donation to Women’s Association Moravski Biser and Rebus

24 May 2022

Speech by HR/VP Josep Borrell Shaping Civilian CSDP for the future

24 May 2022

EULEX Forensic Experts are Supporting IFM in the Field Work to Search for Missing Persons in Kosovo and Serbia

23 May 2022

EULEX hosts a group of Universum College students

20 May 2022

EULEX Facilitates Roundtable on Support to Juvenile Victims of Human Trafficking

19 May 2022

EULEX Deputy Head met with the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic

18 May 2022

EULEX’s Correctional Unit Chief Met with Kosovo Correctional Service’s Replacing General Director

18 May 2022

EULEX Supports CEPOL's Training

18 May 2022

EULEX marks the International Day against Homophobia, Transphobia and Biphobia

17 May 2022

EULEX Organizes its 12th Blood Donation Campaign to Support Kosovo’s National Blood Transfusion Centre

16 May 2022

Interview of the Head of EULEX with SKY TG24

13 May 2022

EULEX marks Europe Day with parade

09 May 2022

EULEX Head of Press and Public Information Office invited as a guest lecturer at Universum College

29 April 2022

EULEX hosts a group of police officers from Germany

29 April 2022

Meet Heidi Heggdal, a Norwegian judge who joined EULEX’s Case Monitoring Unit

28 April 2022

Reviewing the Remains at the Pristina Mortuary: The Way Forward

27 April 2022

Kosovo Police and EULEX hold a joint field exercise in camp ‘Vrelo’

19 April 2022

EULEX and Pejë/Peć’s Chief Prosecutor Organize a Roundtable on the Draft Law on Firearms

14 April 2022

EULEX Supports the Municipalities of Mitrovica South and Mitrovica North through Donations of Vehicles and IT Equipment

14 April 2022

Reportage from Polish TVP3 about EULEX’s Formed Police Unit

07 April 2022

Merdarë/Merdare and Mutivodë/Mutivode Common Crossing Points Now Fully Operational

05 April 2022

Thirteen Kosovo Correctional Service officers get certified as instructors for Basic Life Support following EULEX training

02 April 2022

EULEX and KFOR conduct joint exercise

31 March 2022

EULEX donates a vehicle and IT equipment to the Special Chamber of the Supreme Court

31 March 2022

EULEX co-organizes workshop on the protection of judges and prosecutors who deal with corruption cases

30 March 2022

Interview of the Head of EULEX with Klan Kosova

28 March 2022

Remains from seven missing persons from the massacre in Krusha e Vogel/Mala Krusa handed over to their families

28 March 2022

EULEX Head met the Minister for Communities and Returns

01 March 2022

EULEX donation to the NGO Missing Persons Resource Center

01 March 2022

EULEX supports students and local education institutions through donations in Pristina, Gjilan/Gnjilane and Šilovo/Shillovë

28 February 2022

EULEX supported the Kosovo Civil Registration Agency with a donation of vehicles and IT equipment

21 February 2022

Visit by EEAS penitentiary expert to Kosovo

16 February 2022

Head of Mission’s Speech at the 2022 Annual Conference of Prosecutors on 11 February 2022

16 February 2022

#FieldVision: In Kosovo, healing the scars of war is a daily task

14 February 2022

EULEX and the Kosovo Bar Association co-organize workshop on the challenges of the justice system in the Mitrovica region

03 February 2022

EULEX donates materials needed to build chairs to the Mitrovica Detention Center

03 February 2022

EULEX’s Forensic Experts continue their work to establish the fate of the missing

31 January 2022

Joint Crowd and Riot Control Workshop between EULEX’s Formed Police Unit and KFOR’s Multinational Specialized Unit

12 January 2022

EULEX’s Operations Support Pillar Head met with KFOR’s Deputy Commander

12 January 2022