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EULEX officials participated in the SEED Steering Committee Meeting and Workshop

05 July 2018

EULEX (AUPBM – Alan Wilson and Luca Zonta) participated in the ‘SEED Steering Committee Meeting and Workshop of the “SEED Maintenance and Development” Project’ held in...


EULEX host workshop for female Corrections Officers

30 May 2018

EULEX organised a workshop for 50 female Corrections Officers within the Kosovo Correctional Services (KCS) to discuss about their career development...

EULEX presents Kosovo judges a manual for the processes of mass claims

29 May 2018

Last week, EULEX presented Kosovo judges in the Special Chamber of the Supreme Court of Kosovo a manual developed to help with the processes of mass claims. The manual will empower local judges and legal officers to categorise cases efficiently.

Regional Police Chiefs Conference

21 May 2018

Representatives of, Albanian, Croatian, the Former Yugoslavian Republic of Macedonia, Slovenian and Kosovo Police participated in a Regional Police Chiefs Conference from the 17th to 18th of May 2018.

EULEX and UK Lincolnshire Police deliver Command Resilience Course to Kosovo Police Command

11 May 2018

EULEX in collaboration with a UK Regional Constabulary, Lincolnshire Police, is currently delivering a Command Resilience Course at the Kosovo Academy for Public Safety


EULEX Workshop for strengthening criminal investigation capacities against corruption

13 April 2018

The EULEX mission organised a training workshop on strengthening criminal investigation capacities against...

EULEX & ICITAP facilitates training on Intelligence Led Risk Assessment for Planning and Managing Major Events

09 April 2018

EULEX Advisory Unit of Police and Border Matters and U.S. Department of Justice International Criminal Investigative Training Assistance Program (ICITAP) joined together to provide an ...

Interviewing and Management of Vulnerable Victims

10 April 2018

EULEX has facilitated a two-week Train the Trainers course for Kosovo Police officers focusing on the interviewing and management of vulnerable victims in investigations of...

EULEX holds media communication training for prosecutors and prosecution officials

04 April 2018

Last week, EULEX alongside the Swedish Prosecution Authority and the Kosovo Academy of Justice conducted a two-day training on media communication for prosecutors and prosecution officials...


EULEX Workshop for enhancing the implementation of intelligence led policing

29 March 2018

The EULEX mission has organized a training workshop on intelligence led policing (ILP) and strategic planning for Kosovo Police (KP)

EULEX Hold War Crimes Training for Kosovo Prosecutors

21 March 2018

The EULEX Mission organised a training session on international criminal law tools for prosecuting war crimes within Kosovo jurisdiction

CivCom Delegation Visits Kosovo

07 March 2018

The Committee for Civilian Aspects of Crisis Management(CivCom) an advisory body based in Brussels dealing with instruments of EU foreign and security policy, visited Kosovo from February 27 until March 02, 2018.

Sexual and Gender-Based Forensic Working Group

05 March 2018

EULEX in partnership with UN Women facilitated the first of a series of working group meetings with Kosovo Police, Chief State Prosecutors Office, Institute of Forensic Medicine and Kosovo Forensic Agency to assess the institutions joint capacities in the acquisition and use of forensic evidence when investigating Sexual and Gender Based Violence (SGBV) allegations.


Cycle Kosovo for Children 2017

22 February 2018

Mark Dixon, Head of EULEX Advisory Unit on Police and Border Matters, handed over the much needed neonatal equipment during a donation ceremony at the Neonatal Care Unit in the Peja/Pec, Kosovo.


EULEX Chief Prosecutor at the Prosecutor’s annual conference calls for the spirit of Renovation and Reconciliation

27 January 2018

The Chief EULEX Prosecutor Claudio Pala represented EULEX at the Kosovo Prosecutors Annual Conference that was held in Pristina last weekend.

Merdare Crossing Point To Be Partially Functional in May

26 January 2018

The Deputy Head of EULEX Kosovo, Bernd Thran, together with EULEX IBM Customs Advisor, Alan Wilson yesterday visited the site of the new Common Crossing Point (CCP) at Merdare.

EULEX and FBI Tackling Sexual Abuse and Domestic Violence in Kosovo

26 January 2018

In line with the incentive to strengthen Kosovo’s investigations and prosecution of sexual abuse and domestic violence crimes, EULEX, Kosovo Police, and the United States Embassy have this week organised a specialised training in forensic interviewing techniques.

EULEX donates Inspection Kits to Kosovo Customs

18 January 2018

On 18th January 2018 EULEX donated to Kosovo Customs eight Contraband Team Inspection Kits, which will be used by the Customs Officers to enhance border and internal control operations.

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