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EULEX new communication campaign

The EULEX Press and Public Information Office has launched a new communication campaign on all major TV channels in Kosovo.

The project has been developed by a local production company (The Group) in order to properly integrate people’s views about EULEX and concerns about their future in general. The overall objective is to further connect with the Kosovo public while at the same time define clearly what the Mission does.

This initiative comes following a year of work building EULEX’s presence on local televisions: it started with the launch of the weekly episodes “Justice in 1 Minute”, then followed by our summer campaign “EULEX is doing nothing”. Since October, PPIO launched a “permanent media campaign” where each month we present a selection of EULEX achievements within one of our four objectives.

Before broadcasting these spots, we presented them to two focus groups - a rural and an urban focus group - in order to acquire feedback regarding the spots before they are made available to the public. People were generally positive and recognized the message of the spot as relevant: “We have to fix our own house, a friend that comes to help us, we should help him to help us”.

The Spots will be advertised on the following TV stations

RTK 2 spots per day
RTK in Serbian block 1 spot per day

KTV 2 spots per day
TV21 2 spots per day

North Kosovo TV’s
1 Serbian Spot twice per day (before and after news)
TV Mir
TV Kiss
TV Most

For more details on the broadcasting time, see charts here.

Please find herewith the links to the spots in ALBANIAN

Please find herewith the links to the Serbian spot