One of Us

One of Us

What are former EULEX local staff up to these days?

20 May 2019

Hear from Arjeta Sadiku about her work experience at EULEX and her career now as a judge at the Basic Court in Pristina.

Looking back at her time as a Legal Advisor, Arjeta acknowledges how much she progressed at EULEX. “My experience in the Mission helped me grow on a personal basis in relation to day-to-day work requirements and communication with my fellow colleagues”, she points out.

Soon after she departed from the Mission, she was appointed as a judge at the Basic Court of Pristina. Arjeta feels that her experience at EULEX prepared her for the everyday challenges of being a judge – both professionally and personally. She says that she “learnt a lot about organizing tasks, teamwork, the importance of having common interests, and sharing criticism” in the Mission. She also explained that collaborating with international staff felt like as if she was working in an EU Member State abroad.

Her current occupation, however, is not the only place where she picked up new skills. During the academic year of 2017/18, Arjeta – with financial help provided by the US Embassy in Pristina – completed a Master of Law (LLM) programme for international attorneys at the Wake Forest University. “The Master’s programme was a perfect place to bring the experience I gained at EULEX to help me handle the challenges of the coursework as well as staying organised.”

Reflecting on her experience at EULEX, Arjeta appreciates the advice and help she received from her colleagues in the Mission and is convinced that the local staff gain a lot of new skills from the Mission – skills that will be highly beneficial to their futures.

“One of us” focuses on stories from former EULEX local staff working today in Kosovo institutions, organizations or businesses, aimed at highlighting the legacy EULEX is leaving behind in the Kosovo society.