EULEX's two objectives: 1. Monitoring, Mentoring, Advising (MMA) 2. Executive Function

EULEX's two objectives: 1. Monitoring, Mentoring, Advising (MMA) 2. Executive Function

EULEX implements its mandate through two operational objectives.

Through its ”Monitoring, Mentoring and Advising (MMA)” objective, the Mission focuses on providing support to Kosovo’s rule of law institutions at the headquarters and senior management level of relevant Rule of Law institutions to strengthen the chain of criminal justice, with the emphasis on fighting political interference and monitoring of sensitive cases. In close cooperation with EUSR in Kosovo it will provide support to the Belgrade- Pristina Dialogue to assist in the implementation of remaining dialogue agreement in the sphere of rule of law. Read more...

Through its “Executive” objective, EULEX ensures that rule of law services are delivered until the progress of local authorities allows complete transition of executive functions to local authorities. The Mission supports the adjudication of constitutional and civil justice, as well as prosecution and adjudication of selected criminal cases. At the same time, EULEX cases will be continually assessed with a view of requalifying these cases as joint cases, engaging further Kosovo judicial, prosecutorial and investigative authorities in order to build Kosovo capacities in these areas. 

All cases over which EULEX does no longer have jurisdiction since 15 April 2014 will be dealt by Kosovo. EULEX judges and prosecutors continue to be embedded in Kosovo Institutions under and serve in accordance to Kosovo Law. Read more... 

Head of Mission: Alexandra Papadopoulou

EULEX is fully dedicated to the inclusion of human rights as well as a gender perspective and gender-mainstreaming standards in all of its activities, both within the Mission and while working with Kosovo institutions.