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Applying human rights in practice - Meet Heidi Lempiö

Human Rights are an essential element in the development of a modern legal system. They have also been a connecting theme in Heidi Lempiö’s career in law.

Working together to achieve results – Meet Barbora Kacikova

A considerable part of EULEX’s work involves facilitating co-operation between people working in law enforcement who come from different national and cultural backgrounds. Barbora Kacikova, a Slovakian police officer, has already acquired a lot of experience on this field despite her young age.

Police work is all about being part of the community - Meet Maria van der Hart

Socialising and being part of the community are essential features of police work for Maria van der Hart. Working for EULEX has provided her ample opportunities to carry out this principle in practice.

A Groundbreaking Woman - Meet Valdete Daka

Determination, professionalism, single-mindedness, diligence, courage, and a lot of hard work are virtues that make a judge a good judge. Valdete Daka has it all, and a bit more...

Finding Kosovo again – meet Njomza Miftari

Njomza Miftari likes challenges. That is why working as the office manager of the president of EULEX judges fits her like a glove...

Meet Lina Andeer

Women’s rights are of utmost importance to her and she cannot pass a stray dog on the street without offering a helping hand. She is from Sweden and she is EULEX’s gender advisor.

Violeta Demaj: Kosovo as a destiny

Born and raised in Vienna, Violeta Demaj has never forgotten her Albanian roots. This ultimately brought her back to Kosovo, a birthplace of her father.

From Kosovo with love – meet Victoria, legal officer at SPRK

Victoria May hit the road from Somerset to Kosovo almost 18 months ago and so far she has no intention to come back to UK. As a legal officer with the Special Prosecution Office she works every day on important criminal cases, providing EULEX prosecutors with vital support and assistance.

From Royal Navy to Kosovo – Kerry Moyes's experience

Kerry Moyes has come a long way from serving in the UK Royal Navy in Belgium and Gibraltar. Her interest in international law inspired her move to Kosovo. Over the past year and a half she has been working as a legal officer in the Supreme Court of Kosovo. And this is not all: her travel is set to continue as she will leave the Mission at the end of March.

Towards true gender equality!

A human rights and gender expert with a diploma from the Law Faculty in Pristina, Violeta Rexha has for decades campaigned tirelessly for promoting and advancing human rights in Kosovo. Motivated by a strong interest in inspiring real institutional changes, Violeta is working as the gender advisor at the EU Rule of Law Mission in Kosovo.


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