One of Us

One of Us

One of us: meet Mentor Kurshumliu

25 January 2019

What is former EULEX local staff up to these days?

Hear from Mentor Kurshumliu about his work experience at EULEX and the direction his professional life has taken since he decided to start his own business.

After working in the medical unit of EULEX for more than eight years as a Laboratory Technician, he decided to move forward and challenge himself in the private sector by opening his own medical laboratory in Pristina.

As a the Executive Director of a private business now, Mentor says the years he spent at EULEX were crucial for the development of a set of competences and skills that he can now put to use for his own laboratory.

“EULEX shaped me positively, it gave me the opportunity to practice my work in a multicultural environment, to understand and respect differences, and to practice my skills with up-to-date methods and equipment. Overall, I can say EULEX made me a better person”, Mentor said. 

He believes that EULEX has created a legacy for the Kosovo society by developing the professional skills of local staff that can be best employed in the Kosovo public or private sector.

“The positive impact is more than evident,” he explains. “EULEX has a set of standards and criteria which, if applied also in our future careers, will enhance our performance and serve as an example for others. So there is definitively a legacy that EULEX is leaving already. I trust that former EULEX employees will be looked for by companies here in Kosovo”. 

“One of us” focuses on stories from former EULEX local staff working today in Kosovo institutions, organizations or businesses, aimed at highlighting the legacy EULEX is leaving behind in the Kosovo society.