EULEX deliver Drug Detection Training Course at Pristina International Airport (PIA)

11 May 2016

Between 3rd and 5th May – EULEX organised and funded a ‘Drug Detection Training Course’ for Kosovo Border Police and Customs Officers. The course was delivered by two UK Border Force Trainers to a total of 15 Officers at Pristina International Airport (PIA). 

The training sessions were aimed at improving border security by improving the ability for Kosovo Border Police and Customs Officers to profile drug traffickers, detect / seize prohibited drugs, follow the chain of evidence, and control / interview and arrest suspects.

This specialist training will enhance the Kosovo Border Police and Customs capability to  prevent, detect and investigate serious cross-border/boundary crime, notably trafficking in drugs, in line with the requirements set out in the Visa Liberalisation with Kosovo* Roadmap.

In addition to the delivery of specialist Drug Detection training, EULEX will donate 8 x Drug Testing Kits to both Law Enforcement Services in order for Officers working at PIA and at the Border Crossing Points to perform onsite drug tests.