Interview of the Head of EULEX with Klan Kosova TV

09 November 2022

On 9 November, Klan Kosova TV aired on its prime-time news edition an exclusive interview with the Head of the European Union Rule of Law Mission in Kosovo (EULEX), Lars-Gunnar Wigemark.

The Head of EULEX commented on the recent security developments in northern Kosovo, reaffirming the Mission’s commitment as second security responder, in close cooperation with the Kosovo Police and KFOR.

Wigemark explained the temporary deployment to Kosovo of 23 gendarmes from the Italian Carabinieri of the European Gendarmerie Force: “It is not a major deployment at this moment- 23 Italian Carabinieri. We expect some additional gendarmes from at least two other members of the so-called European Gendarmerie Force,” said Wigemark, explaining that there are seven Members States contributing to it.

Regarding the engagement of EULEX,  Wigemark assured: “We will not act without any request from the Kosovo Police in particular, and the Ministry of Interior, at political level. On Saturday, I had a meeting together with COMKFOR, the Minister of Interior Sveçla, and the Acting Director General of the Kosovo Police,” Wigemark stated, confirming that on Sunday 06 November EULEX received a written request from the Kosovo Police to continue engaging in the monitoring reconnaissance patrols in northern Kosovo.

Commenting on the security situation in general, Wigemark stated: “As far as we can say, for the time being the situation is calm and I would like to commend everyone, starting with the Kosovo Police, including the police offers that resigned, as this has taken place in an orderly way.”

Watch the interview: