EULEX Press Releases

EULEX Press Releases

Joint Statement on Termination of Investigation on alleged Corruption within EULEX

07 November 2016

EULEX Mission and EU Office/EUSR take note of today's ruling on termination of a criminal investigation, in a SPRK case in which the offences of Giving Bribes and Accepting Bribes are rejected against four defendants. 

We welcome that a thorough investigation was carried out into the allegations of corruption within EULEX, by the mixed prosecutorial team comprised of an international and local prosecutor.  

As stated by the Kosovo Chief Prosecution office, the evidence collected throughout the investigation proves that the former EULEX judge Francesco Florit has not committed any offences in discharging his duties. 

We are pleased to note that the Kosovo Chief Prosecution Office clearly stated that the evidence found that EULEX judge Florit has not committed the criminal offence of soliciting or accepting a bribe.

EULEX Mission and EU Office/EUSR are confident that the integrity of EULEX affected staff is hereby fully restored.