EULEX Press Releases

EULEX Press Releases

EULEX Sends Humanitarian Aid for Refugees and Migrants in Serbia

23 September 2015

On Monday, 21 September, a convoy of five EULEX trucks, trailers, and a crane arrived in Belgrade carrying humanitarian aid for refugees and migrants in Serbia. The EULEX Mission in Kosovo is donating household items such as cooking equipment and appliances, microwave ovens, hot water machines,  beds, mattresses, cupboards, hygienic and safety items, as well as generators, space heaters, and a container fully equipped with shower cabins, washing rooms, and a toilet.  

The handover of the items has taken place in Lestane/Belgrade and Sid. The largest portion of the handover took place yesterday, 22 September, in Sid, near the border with Croatia. One more handover will take place today in Kanjiza. The donation was delivered to the Serbian Commissariat for Refugees and Migrants.

The ongoing donation is meant to provide immediate relief for transiting refuges and migrants currently in Serbia. 

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