EULEX Press Releases

EULEX Press Releases

EULEX Statement Regarding the Establishment of Specialist Chambers

07 July 2015

In relation to reports published this afternoon by the Kosovo media, regarding the establishment of the Specialist Chambers, the EULEX Mission clarifies what the Head of Mission said, in response to the journalist question about whether the EULEX Mission is ready to support the Specialist Chambers. 

Head of Mission  Meucci reminded that if the Kosovo’s Assembly approves the constitutional amendments, the Specialist Chambers  and SITF would become part of Kosovo institutions. If the Assembly does not approve the constitutional amendments, the present structure remains within the EULEX legal framework, as it is now. So the question is whether Kosovo is ready to support the Specialist Chambers, not EULEX.

It is well known that the present EULEX mandate ends in June 2016.