EULEX Press Releases

EULEX Press Releases

Two defendants acquitted in Zymberi case

20 April 2015

On 20 April,  a panel of three international judges at the Basic Court Of Mitrovicë/Mitrovica rendered the verdict in criminal case Pnr. 59/2014. The case is related to the murder of the Kosovo Police Officer Enver Zymberi, who was killed on 26 July 2011, in the attack against Kosovo Police convoy. 

The Court found the two accused not guilty of all charges because it was not proven beyond reasonable doubt that they committed, in co-perpetration, the following criminal offences: Aggravated Murder; Attempted Aggravated Murder; Unauthorized Ownership, control, possession or use of a weapon; Obstructing official persons in performing official duties; Endangering public traffic by dangerous act or means; Causing general danger; Participating in a crowd committing a criminal offence. This is the first of the three judicial proceedings that are currently in place regarding the death of Mr Zymberi

The case was with an international and local prosecutor from the Mitrovica Basic Prosecution Office and the indictment was filed on 8 May 2014 against the two defendants.

All parties have the right to appeal