EULEX Press Releases

EULEX Press Releases

EU in Kosovo marks International Women's Day

08 March 2013

8 March 2013

On the occasion of International Women's Day the EU family in Kosovo highlights that although immense progress has been made, the 8th March also serves as a reminder about the many injustices against women that still prevail in our societies.

Bernd Borchardt, EULEX Head of Mission, said: "The 8th of March is a good opportunity for raising awareness, but we must not forget the other 364 days in the year. EULEX recognizes, as, I believe do the Kosovo rule of law institutions, that our efforts to promote equality and combat violence against women must be constant."

In the conduct of its operations and activities, the EU counts on the pivotal role women play in conflict management, conflict resolution and sustainable peace. Strengthening the rule of law, a key component of sustainable peace, also means promoting gender equality and combating violence against women.

Samuel Žbogar, Head of EU Office/EUSR said: "I have recently met the women from the agricultural cooperative "Krusha" in Krusha e Madhe/Velika Kruša. They were able to overcome not only tragic personal lost of their loved ones, but also fight several traditional limits in order to confront with the future. On this March 8th the 25 women from Krusha/Kruša are the symbol of the women in Kosovo: history was painful and often tragic, but their strength and vision of the future is able to change everyday's reality into a better place to live."

It is clear then, that empowering girls and women is not just our moral duty, it is a solution to many of the greatest challenges to development and peace we face: from economic growth to reducing global conflict and terrorism everyone stands to benefit from empowering women. This is why we must stand up for the cause of women and girls not just today, but every day.