EULEX Press Releases

EULEX Press Releases

Kosovo Police, EULEX and KFOR guaranteed security during Sunday's 22 June demonstration

23 June 2014

23 June, 2014

Following yesterday's demonstration in Mitrovica South at 15.00 Hrs, all three security providers, Kosovo Police (KP), EULEX and KFOR, have professionally fulfilled their tasks as first, second and third responders, allowing the population to legitimately protest in a peaceful and democratic way expressing openly their opinion.

It is to be regretted that the protest turned violent and that police officials were injured, and that some property from the security forces was damaged.

In this sense, each security agency takes the opportunity to acknowledge the efforts of each other in quickly and efficiently working together to repeal the protestors from the Main Bridge in Mitrovica, thus avoiding a further escalation of violence.

Kosovo Police, EULEX and KFOR appeal to the population on both sides of the Ibar River to restrain from any unilateral actions, which could jeopardize the peace and stability. The only way these matters can be resolved is through dialogue.

All security providers will continue present on the scene in order to prevent any further public disorder.