EULEX Press Releases

EULEX Press Releases

EULEX will continue to implement its mandate

28 August 2014

29 August 2014

The European Union acknowledges the right to opinion of all citizens in Kosovo, including those of the Mayors from the northern Kosovo Municipalities. However, the Mission will continue to implement its mandate in line with the wishes of Member States of the European Union.

The Mission takes note of their concerns and is in continual contact with the political representatives in order to find avenues to improving the collaboration and furthering the implementation of the Mission's mandate which has been clearly defined by the 28 European Union Member States.

In regards to legal proceedings, which are inherent to the Mission's mandate of assisting Kosovo on its path to a greater European integration in the rule of law area, we stress that there should be no interference in rule of law institutions. It is a key principle of the Mission, and of rule of law in general, that justice applies equally to everyone and no-one is above the law. That is the undisputed international standard, and one which the Mission applies.

EULEX does not make any distinction on ethnic lines when it comes to implementing rule of law within its mandate, and the mere suggestion that this might take place, as stated on various occasions by the various parties, is completely false and unsubstantiated.

It is understandable that certain legal proceeding might be uncomfortable for some individuals, but if they have not committed any crimes, then they should not fear to present themselves and have the opportunity to legally challenge any accusation.

We remind that everyone is innocent until they are proven guilty and due process applies in all legal proceedings.