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Press Release

Prosecution appeal in a war crimes case

27 February 2014

The Kosovo Special Prosecution Office (SPRK) is appealing to any person who may have witnessed the following events to come forward with information:


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On 29 March 1999 at around 09:15 in the morning, a queue of refugees was stopped by a paramilitary unit in front of the "11 March" street, Llamella B/2, in Ortakoll, Prizren.

Two individuals are suspected removed two young boys from a tractor, who were with their families, and beat them with the handle of an automatic weapon until the two boys fainted. The young boys were taken to the nearby Voqar Food Factory in Prizren and was shot and killed by firearms.

Any person that may have information regarding this incident, including the identity of two young boys, or their families, or was an eyewitness to this incident, please contact the office of the SPRK.