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Press Release

Court of Appeals ruling on S.L. appeal

20 December 2013

Yesterday the Court of Appeals granted the application of 6 December 2013 from the lawyer of S.L. to release the defendant in order for him to take the oath as newly elected mayor of the Municipality of Skenderaj/Srbica. The application is granted pursuant to Art 57 of the Law on Local Self-Government, provided the following conditions are met:

  • S.L. attendance before the Municipal Assembly of Skenderaj/Srbica is limited to what is strictly necessary for him to take the oath. His attendance at other persons oath-taking or at other arrangements including either of official or of social nature is not allowed. Media and the public shall not be allowed to be present during his oath-taking. He shall be returned to the detention centre immediately after taking the oath.
  • The defendant is prohibited from having any contact with other persons except from what is strictly necessary in order for him to take the oath. Greetings or any form of social contact is not allowed. Neither is he allowed to make any statements.
  • At all times during his absence from the detention facility shall S.L. be in the close custody of at least four correctional/police officers who shall be authorised to take any action or decision deemed necessary based on the above or any security concern, including returning to the detention without taking the oath.
  • EULEX police is instructed to be present as a third responder to avoid possible escalation of the situation.