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Press Release

EULEX expresses thanks for support

Bernd Borchardt
Head of EULEX Kosovo

21 September 2013

"I would like to express my gratitude for all the private and public support and condolences that our Mission has received in the past few days, after the murder of one our staff member Audrius Šenavičius. This act was unreservedly condemned by officials. People from Kosovo, Serbia and from all over the world approached us to express their sympathy and support. As a mission we are standing together to mourn the loss of our fallen colleague. It is heartening to see how many people are standing together with us. Our thoughts are with the family and friends of Audrius at this difficult time.

Of course our efforts are also concentrated on bringing the perpetrator or perpetrators of this act to justice. The investigation into the murder is on-going. When we can share information with the public about progress of the investigation we will do so, but for now we ask for your patience so police and prosecution can do their work undisturbed."