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Press Release

Five defendants acquitted in the 'PTK case'

28 June 2013

The Basic Court of Pristina, in a panel composed of EULEX and Kosovo judges acquitted five defendants today in the so-called PTK case. B.D., S.D., I.B., S.H. and R.G. were acquitted from all charges against them.

The defendants were charged in the indictment for several offences, including entering into harmful contracts, falsifying documents as a special case and abusing official position. The court acquitted all defendants because it was not proven that they had committed the criminal offences they were charged with.

Prosecutor's statement (PTK Case)

28 June 2013

“We have taken note of the verdict of the court, where the defendants were acquitted by the trial panel. The prosecutor will review the verdict and decide how to proceed with further legal steps. After we receive the complete written judgment and review the reasoning provided by the court, will we make a decision on how to proceed further.”

The case was prosecuted by a EULEX prosecutor from Kosovo's Special Prosecution Office (SPRK).