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Prosecutors Statement

26 March 2014

"First of all I would like to thank you for having been given the opportunity to give some explanations about what happened recently. I want to emphasize that the EULEX Prosecution Office is here to enhance the rule of law. We want to create a more secure environment for everybody living in the North of Kosovo

On Tuesday searches were done in the law office of lawyer working in north Mitrovica. After being interviewed, together with his partner, also a lawyer, both lawyers were arrested. They were arrested and searches were done because we suspect both lawyers of having influenced, more even of having threatened witnesses in an ongoing court case. I should emphasize that no society, also the society in the North should not tolerate, cannot tolerate that people influence or even obstruct criminal proceedings. This cannot be tolerated.

Two individuals have been targeted in this criminal investigation. It is not the whole community which is targeted. We want to create more secure environment where people feel free to address the prosecution office when they are aware of criminal offences that are being committed. EULEX prosecution office again doesn't target the whole community. We target criminal offenders. It's duty of any prosecution office anywhere in the world to react to complaints and to react to information when the information is received in regard to criminal offences having been committed or in the process of being committed. It is our duty, it is the essence of the prosecution office.

In the end I have to say the prosecution office has filed necessary request and it is up to the court to decide."