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EULEX launches north campaign

EULEX has launched an awareness raising campaign about some of its work in the northern region of Kosovo. The campaign is part of an overall series of campaigns to raise awareness about EULEX's work and mandate in Kosovo. In the autumn a campaign focused on EULEX's work in support of the Kosovo rule of law institutions (to read more click here). From December 2012 to January 2013, another campaign focused on EULEX's executive work (to read more click here). This campaign shows EULEX's work to gradually restore the rule of law throughout the north of Kosovo.

In March 2013, five different TV spots will be aired on different Kosovo networks and local TV stations in the north. Four TV spots feature questions from people living in northern Kosovo and answers from EULEX senior staff (to view click here). A fifth TV spot shows the work of the Task Force Mitrovica, a EULEX group of investigators and prosecutors that deal specifically with crimes committed in the wider Mitrovica region. This spot encourages people to come forward with any sort of information that could be used to investigate serious crime (to view click here ). As part of this campaign several outreach activities involving investigators and prosecutors from the Task Force Mitrovica are planned for schools in the northern region. Around 4000 leaflets on the TFM will be distributed at these events. Already on 4 and 15 February two schools were visited in Vushtri/Vučitrn and Prilužje/Priluzhë4 . More outreach activities are planned related to human rights and the detention centre in the north. On 20 March EULEX and the EU Information and Cultural Centre in Mitrovica will start a monthly series of EU Master Classes about the Mitrovica Task Force (to read more about recent actions of this type held in Pristina click here).

The Mitrovica or northern region encapsulates six municipalities in the northern part of Kosovo which includes what is commonly known as the 'north'. The term the 'north', which you will hear in Kosovo cafes, political discourse and international circles, has shifted away from geo-legal jurisdictions to be defined by the area and dynamics north of the river Ibër/Ibar. EULEX's units and departments focus on the six municipalities which make up the north.