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Tracking Kosovo’s progress in the rule of law

05 May 2010


For the first time, members of the public will be able to monitor how the institutions of Kosovo are progressing in their attempts to improve the rule of law.

EULEX has developed a sophisticated tracking mechanism which follows the work of

Kosovo’s institutions in fields of justice, police and customs. The mechanism is a fundamental part of EULEX’s mandate to monitor, mentor and advise (MMA).

The system is accessible via this website (http://www.eulex-kosovo.eu/en/tracking/)

“….few organisations are as open and as accessible as EULEX” - Alessio Zuccarini, Head, EULEX Programme Office

The development of the mechanism began between December 2008 and

June 2009 when EULEX conducted a detailed assessment of the current performance of Kosovo’s rule of law institutions.

The findings of the assessment were described in the EULEX Programme Report of July 2009 which brought forward a large number of recommendations for future change.

Since August 2009 EULEX has been working with its local institutional partners to convert the recommendations into actual change on the ground. These changes are being implemented through a huge number of ‘Action Fiches’ or ‘MMA Actions’. This is what is also known as the EULEX ‘Programmatic Approach’.

The tracking mechanism will be developed on the website in the coming weeks. But the initial work can be seen at: http://www.eulex-kosovo.eu/en/tracking/

“This is a fundamental part of EULEX’s mandate to be accountable and transparent about the work that it is doing,” said Alessio Zuccarini, the head of the Mission’s Programme Office, which is leading the introduction of the tracking system.

“For the first time, people will be able to monitor the work of EULEX and see to what extent the rule of law institutions of Kosovo are progressing in developing the rule of law. Very few other international organisation, anywhere, has ever been so open and accessible to the public. We have encouraged NGOs and Civil Society to have open and regular exchanges with us. Let people know what the expected reforms are and how to stay informed at every stage of the process, this is part of our core business” he added.

As the MMA Actions are implemented Kosovo’s rule of law institutions can be seen to be on the road to improvement. One of the most important requirements for Kosovo to develop its European perspective is to improve the rule of law. That is why this tracking mechanism is so important.

EULEX supports the principle of local ownership through monitoring, mentoring and advising (MMA). This is the central work of EULEX. But, in addition, EULEX also has some limited executive functions in key areas such as organised and financial crime, war crimes, corruption and property issues.