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Rule of Law Handbook

What is EULEX ?


The Mission:

EULEX supports Kosovo on its path to a greater European integration in the rule of law area. EULEX's skills and expertise are being used to supports the key EU aims in the visa liberalization process, the Feasibility Study and the Pristina-Belgrade Dialogue. EULEX also supports the Structured Dialogue on the rule of law, led by Brussels. EULEX continues to concentrate on the fight against corruption and works closely with local counterparts to achieve sustainability and EU best practices in Kosovo. EULEX prioritises the establishment of the rule of law in the north.

Quick Facts:

Mandate: until 14 June 2016
Head of Mission: Gabriele Meucci
Headquarters: Prishtinë/Priština, Kosovo
Staff: EULEX has a total of around 1,600 international and local staff
Budget: The annual budget is around 111 million Euros


The Mission is divided into two 'divisions'; the 'Executive Division' and the 'Strengthening Division'. The Executive Division investigates, prosecutes and adjudicates sensitive cases using its executive powers. The Strengthening Division monitors, mentors, and advises local counterparts in the police, justice and customs fields.


In April 2009, EULEX became fully operational. The EU Joint Action of February 2008 and Council Decision of June 2010 and June 2012 provide the legal basis for the Mission. EULEX works within the framework of UN Security Council Resolution 1244.

EULEX is supported by all 28 European Union Member States and five contributing States (Canada, Norway, Switzerland, Turkey and the United States).

Legal Basis: