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Kamenicë/a: an example of good relations between communities

24. mart 2009. god.


During a visit to Kamenicë/a Municipality  and  to Border Crossing Point Gate 5 today, Yves de Kermabon, Head of the EULEX Mission, stated:  “We are in Kosovo to bring solid guarantees in the spheres of individual rights, freedom of movement, police, justice and security  for all the population of Kosovo, regardless of ethnicity.”

The purpose of his trip was both to visit Kamenicë/a Police Station and EULEX monitors stationed there, as well as the Mayor, including the Chairman of the Municipal Court.

In meetings with the Kamenicë/a Police and EULEX monitors, and later with the Mayor’s Office, both the Head of PS Kamenicë/a and the Mayor stressed the good multiethnic relations that prevailed in the municipality. De Kermabon said this was a very encouraging example for all of Kosovo.

Throughout the visit, that included an interview with Radio Kamenicë/a, a multi-ethnic broadcaster, Yves de Kermabon, pointed to the technical nature of EULEX’s mandate and to the importance of cooperation with Kosovo’s institutions for a positive outcome: “EULEX can only succeed if we work closely with everyone. We are not here to do the job, but to assist rule of law institutions in their work.”


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