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“Exemplary conduct by EULEX Police and Customs Officers”

30. juni 2009. god.


Members of EULEX’s Police and Customs Components have been praised for their recent work at Gate 1 in northern Kosovo. Roads approaching both Gates have been illegally blocked by protestors forcing EULEX staff to work lengthy hours in poor conditions.

The officers received special letters of commendation in a ceremony at EULEX headquarters in Pristina.

“You were dealing with a difficult and, at times, tense situation and I want to congratulate you on your highly professional and exemplary conduct.

You can be proud of your actions in helping EULEX to continue fulfilling its mandate,” the head of Mission, Yves de Kermabon, told the officers.

The blockades of the roads began on 22 June but, despite the difficulties, EULEX’s work has continued without interruption at both Gates.


Služba za medije i javno informisanje