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EULEX Statement in Relation to the Media Article

16 November 2017

Regarding recent media enquiries, EULEX states the following : Malcolm Simmons has been, over the past year, the subject of a series of  independent investigations into serious allegations against him. These investigations are being conducted by a team, formed and based in Brussels and chaired by a former judge of the European Court of Justice. These allegations  are in different stages  of investigation and some have proceeded to a Disciplinary Board and are now  awaiting the Board’s decision. The rest are ongoing.
The EU and EULEX operate zero tolerance policy towards  inappropriate behaviour and wrongdoings and all Mission members are accordingly accountable for their actions. Therefore, all the allegations recently expressed by Mr Simmons have been treated equally seriously and have also  resulted in an ongoing investigation being conducted in the same manner as the ones against him, i.e. in conformity with the applicable framework, Code of Conduct and Discipline for civilian CSDP Missions adopted by the Council in July 2016. Mr Simmons was requested to furnish all evidence in his possession to support his allegations, but – regrettably- has not done so yet.
EULEX does not prejudge the outcome of current investigations and welcome their conclusions which will be as appropriately made public.
EULEX wants to underline that it is a  Rule of Law Mission with the mandate to assist Kosovo authorities.


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