EULEX Press Releases

EULEX Press Releases

Verdict pronounced in Krasniqi Trial

08 August 2016

Today, at the Basic Court of Mitrovica the panel of international judges found the accused, X.K. guilty of committing the criminal offence of “War crimes against the civilian population” and “Unauthorized Ownership, Control and Possession or Use of Weapons”.

The defendant was found guilty of arrest, illegal detention, violation of bodily integrity, health and torture of several witnesses and unknown civilians in the KLA camps in Kukes and Cahan (Albania), as well as in Prizren during 1999. The accused carried out his actions in co-perpetration with other KLA members.

The defendant X.K. was sentenced to an aggregate punishment of 8 years of imprisonment and  a fine of 1500 euro. His detention on remand was extended, by a separate Ruling, until the Judgement becomes final.

All parties have the right to appeal