Komunikata për Shtyp

Komunikata për Shtyp

Government and EULEX will work together to rebuild a truly multiethnic police service

17 qershor 2009

The Joint Rule of Law Coordination Board, co-chaired by Deputy Prime Minister Hajredin Kuçi and the head of the EULEX mission in Kosovo, Yves de Kermabon gathered today in its tenth regular meeting to discuss the progress achieved in the field of the rule of law.

In his opening remarks, Deputy Prime Minister Kuçi expressed the commitment of the Government to closely cooperate with EULEX and thanked all the participants for their good work not only in the field of justice, but also in the field of customs, public order and police.

The head of EULEX mission, Mr. Yves de Kermabon said he is happy with the work done since the last meeting, adding that this is a joint success of the Government and of the EULEX. He particularly underscored the positive developments in the field of customs.

The Minister of Internal Affairs, Mr. Zenun Pajaziti presented the recent developments on the return to work of the suspended Serb Kosovo Police officers. Minister Pajaziti informed that 50 officers have already come back and that they are working to encourage the others to do the same by 30 June when the deadline expires.
“All of those who do not come back by that date will have their contracts terminated and we will start recruiting new staff, and there are a lot of interested candidates,” said Minister Pajaziti.

In this context, Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of Kosovo, Mr. Kuçi pointed out that the Government and the EULEX will work together in this process to rebuild a police service that is truly multiethnic and that reflects the composition of the Kosovo society and that will work in the interest of all the communities.
The Board was also briefed on the process of Restructuring of the Kosovo Police, which also includes job descriptions for the senior positions in the Kosovo Police.

In today’s meeting, the Board expressed support for the work on the finalization of the strategies: Strategy Against Terrorism, Organized Crime and Narcotics Trafficking and the Strategy on the Integrated Border Management. These strategies will be completed within the set timeframe and will be proceeded to the Government of Kosovo for approval.

The Board also discussed the request from Minister Arsim Bajrami related to the vacating of some premises where UNMIK was located. The Board agreed that the Government, EULEX and UNMIK discuss the issue together to find a better solution for the needs of the ministries for more working space.

The next meeting of the Joint Rule of Law Coordination Board will meet on 16 July 2009.