Komunikata për Shtyp

Komunikata për Shtyp

Tisza case: a suspect surrenders

26 tetor 2009

EULEX confirms that it has initiated an investigation into smuggling of migrants.

This investigation concerns smuggling of migrants involving a total number of 19 persons (from Kosovo) out of whom 16 apparently died when the boat that was carrying them to Hungary along the river Tisza capsized.

On Saturday evening, one person came spontaneously to the Kosovo police and gave an important statement about his own involvement in this case. The suspect handed over to the police the money that was given to him by the victims as guarantee of payment to the organisation of their smuggling.

The investigation shows that between € 6.000 and € 8.000 had to be paid to the suspects by each family group.

The investigation is currently focused on identifying the persons abroad who were connected with the organisers of the smuggling in order to facilitate the transit of the people across the borders.

The EULEX Prosecutor leading the investigation is currently in Hungary with two KP officers to collect additional information.

Press Contacts:

Christophe Lamfalussy, Head of EULEX PPIO, +377 44 960 109
Karin Limdal, Deputy Head of EULEX PPIO, +377 44 799 247